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Check out this kid...Dalton Sherman

Hey, just popping up to spread a little cheer/inspiration.

Those of you who were reading my journal way back when (when I was still posting regularly), know that a few years ago, I changed jobs. I'm in Dallas ISD now. School just started up again and a few days before the students returned, all of the employees attended a mass meeting/pep rally/school kickoff. We had the most amazing keynote speaker.

Here's the link to YouTube where someone posted the video of his speech.

We were all expecting a typical motivational speaker. Imagine our surprise when this 10-year-old kid walked out on stage. By the end of his speech, every person who was able to stand was on his/her feet, screaming and cheering.

I showed my students his speech and told them all that if he decides to run for President in 25 years, he's got my vote.

Here's a link to another video of Dalton presenting his award-winning speech that he wrote himself and presented before an event for Maya Angelou. He won an oratory contest in January and has presented at churches and various events around Dallas. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_STe9Ff0yc&feature=related
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Heavens to Murgatroyd!

I had an amusing, but slightly surreal day.

My students had the rare opportunity to watch a video in my class today. They've been learning about free enterprise, trade, factors of production, and the three economic systems for the past 6 weeks. Today we watched a short animated video about the people of the Kingdom of Mocha and their neighbors on the islands of Caraway and Oregano. It explored the different economic systems, trade, supply/demand, etc. Sounds pretty boring, but it was very cute (a little cheesy, but cute) and really held their interest.

It was made in 1976 and I did not get around to previewing it before I showed it. One of my co-workers had watched it and deemed it fit for my students, so I trusted her. The thing is, she's a lot younger than I am and was not even alive to watch the cartoons of the 1970's and early 1980's. This video was a Hanna-Barbera-palooza. My students probably thought I was going crazy when I started to giggle a few minutes into the video when one of the characters was explaining that he needed more lumber for his garage-building business, but I was waiting for him to finish his remarks with "I'm smarter than the average bear!" I actually blurted out: "It's Yogi!" during my first period class. And I couldn't stop snickering and/or smirking all day, every time that I heard his voice.

Then a few minutes later, they introduced Webster the Wizard. It was Snagglepuss! I also heard Quick Draw McGraw, Hokey Wolf, Cindy Bear, Penelope Pitstop, possibly Boo Boo, and maybe Professor Pat Pending. There were several other characters/voices that sounded familiar, but I couldn't quite place them.

I was amused, although it was weird to hear the Hanna-Barbera characters talking about economics. But, I also feel kind of old now. The other two teachers in the 6th grade social studies dept. are both too young to have recognized the voices.
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Hi. Long time no see.

I know that it has been an unbelievably long time since I've posted. Mea culpa.

To be honest, I've felt bad about the fact that I've completely lost my muse on the Evolution series. I've tried and tried, but Clio has taken over and kicked her sisters out. Now the only outlet I have for my creative energies is through the lessons that I create for my students. It's great for them, but leaves me with no juice for my stories. I've even used BlockbusterOnline (I love that service) to rent old eps of Buffy and Angel to try to help me recover my muse, but no luck. If anyone still has enough interest to adopt it. Consider the story up for adoption. I've also had some stress in RL and I didn't want to just come on here and vent. I know that I can, but I didn't want that to be all I was doing. Things are improving in a lot of ways. So, I wanted to pop by and say "Hey".

Now for a little about RL (grr. cut tags)
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I hope everyone on my FL is doing well. I need to get caught up on reading that, too. I've peeked in from time to time, but I haven't left any comments. ::hangs head:: I send you all hugs and good wishes. 
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Boy, time flies.

I can't believe it's been almost six weeks since my last post...and almost that long since I've even done more than poke my head and glance at the posts.

First of all. I know that I've missed tons of birthdays. So to everyone I've missed. I'm so sorry and I wish each of you a wonderful and happy year.

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76% to 23%

I would like to congratulate Texas on stepping back 38 years by approving a constitutional amendment that makes it legal to discriminate against a group of people in regards to marriage laws..."prohibiting this state or a political subdivision of this state from creating or recognizing any legal staus identical or similar to marriage".

We're not the first, and sadly we won't be the last, but I'm very angry about this. Despite the feelings that I know many people in the Bible Belt have concerning same-sex marriage, I'm appalled that 76% of my neighbors are so willing to put in place an amendment that is so discriminatory and which sets a legal precedence for future discrimination.

Even my 12 and 13 year old students (most of whom consider homosexuality a joke and who are largely Catholic) recognized this as deiscriminatory and wrong. Most of them harbor negative feelings about homosexuals and gay marriage, but even so, they realize that this constitutional amendment is wrong and unfair (their words).
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Grades are finally done and ready to be entered. I'm working on a way to streamline their classwork so that I don't have so much to grade every week...and can hopefully get it done during my planning period. The problem is, or should I say are, we do a lot of group work in class, so they have assignments to be graded several times a week. Plus, we have to enter each score twice...once in the computer gradebook and once in the hardcopy. But hopefully, the changes I'm making will make for slightly less work.

My little bear has a new interest. He's fallen in love with the Magic Tree House book series. I love it. Not only is he reading more, but he's reading about historical events and other cultures. As a history teacher, I'm thrilled. Plus, he got his report card: math-99, reading-96, science-94, and social studies-80. I'd like to see a higher social studies grade, but overall, I couldn'tbe happier. :D

The hurricane missed us completely which is a very good thing. We could have used some rain, but I'm glad that we didn't have flooding and the wind never got over 25 mph. I'm also glad that Houston didn't much more than a glancing blow. But the other cities...I'm just so sorry to see the damage they've sustained, especially southern Louisiana. They need a break. And at least one of my students is very upsset that New Orleans is flooded again. Poor kid. Once wasn't enough? His home had to suffer damage again? I don't even know what to say. Sorry just isn't strong enough. But at least he and his family are okay and they're doing well here, so hopefully things will turn out alright for him.

Well, I'm drained, so off to bed. Hugs to everyone on my FL.
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